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The North Face MOUNTAIN ATHLETICS 「レールを外れて、自分らしく生きるために。深田美佑」

TNF プレスキャンプ ゲストヨガインストラクター 

AbemaTV スポーツチャンネル ゲストヨガインストラクター

The North Face Mountain Athletics カタログモデル

Warp Magazine 50th Anniversary of Vans インタビュー翻訳



The North Face x mina perhonen イメージモデル

Mark 08号 Book in Book "Into the Mind"  (講談社)

California Girl カリフォルニアガール (CLASSIX MEDIA)

逗子海岸映画祭 Yogi Tea presents Yoga x Workshop 4/30 

雑誌 Mark x MOUNTAIN ATHLETICS yoga event 5/28 

The North Face "SUP CAMP"

WARP MAGAZINE JULY issue "グレーゾーンが育てるカルチャー" インドネシアトリップ写真、文

Hidden Champion No. 45 ”Life in a picture" コラム掲載




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With over 20 years of experience in Classical Ballet, She learned how not to give up.

Her first move to New York was back in 2009, She met and became friends with those who were running the parties and street culture before Instagram. She finally moved to New York in 2012 to attend the Ailey School to pursuit her dream of becoming a dancer. Yet she began to realize that her happiness is not in the future as being a famous dancer but starts within her at the moment in front of her. She started capturing those moments with a camera she bought at a flea market one of her friends took. 

Her dream of being a dancer has crushed down on her yet she found how to be herself through her yoga practice and a experience at Vipassana. She left a well paying job shortly after then traveled south east asia for 5 month and learned how to fully live her life with being content with herself and what she has. 

She is a freelance yoga teacher with a certificate RYT 200 given in Rishikesh, India also a photographer, translator for multiple magazines and projects. her unbeaten motivation enable her to be the best she can be at all the ability she has. There is no boundary in her life. 

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