India part.1 おにぎりとからあげとラーメンとおいなりさん




しかも、インドなんて日本と全然ちがうし、環境も空気もご飯も水も。 家で具合悪くなるだけで辛いときはつらいのに、全てが自分の国と違う土地で具合が悪くなるのはわけが違うようで。



友達や、知り合いが、旅先で病気になった話は聞いたことあって、まったく違う環境で大変なんだろうなと思ってはいたけど、自分がなってみて あーなるほどね。と納得。 




ということで、タイトルは、今食べたいもの。 これ食べるだけで治る気がする。

朗報が。近くに、日本人がやっているカフェ OKAERI というところがあるそうなので、ある程度歩けるようになったらいってみようかな。

I am currently in India right now

Well, It has actually been 3 weeks so far and been dealing with diarrhea. Today is day 3. It has calmed down but since you are dehydrated, no energy left in the body, feeling super weak. 

haha It's just diarrhea, I thought so until I was really sick and barely get out the bed to go to the bathroom.

It's never a fun to be sick at home already.

Being sick away from home????? There's nothing you can get in your favor. Different food, different climates, different water, different air, different people different languages... everything is DIFFERENT.  You could imagine how it would be even before you come here but experiencing on your own is just totally different. 

I am here to attend Teacher Training Yoga course. It's been 3 days of bed and not being able to attend any classes because the body is too weak to walk out the door. This does something to your mental apparently.

However, you can't let that get to the mental and start blaming on the situation you are in and ask for something you can never get is non-sense. This experience reminds me of my friend living and working far away Japan and been though the similar situation but managed to get through. Finding some comfort in the situation is a definite skill. Through this experience I learned and earned it but it was never easy. 

Drinking water with salt and lemon to boost my energy and get back on my yoga routine is my goal for the weekend. Oh, I got some good news! There's a Japanese cafe running by a Japanese woman close by, I will check it out when I feel good enough to walk over there. 

The title is dedicated to the Japanese food I love to have right now. Those alone would just make me feel a lot better. Perhaps, imagining them in my head might help too. Who knows. haha Onigiri (Japanese rise balls), Karaage (Japanese style fried chicken), Ramen, Oinarisan (rice in a fried tofu bag)