Contax T2

YSK farewell party

先日、双子の友達 よーすけのオランダ旅立ちにむけてみんなで集まりました!

実際のところ半年だけかもしれないってことだったけど。。笑 でも久しぶりに東京の友達と会えて、色々話して沢山笑った! みんなありがとう。

写真は、最近ゲットしたCONTAX T2で。

We got together for our twin friends Yosuke farewell to Holand..  We found out that he would be deployed only for a half year.... anyways I had a good time with my Tokyo friends with a lot of laughters for the first time in a long time... Thanks A LOT!

I recently got Contax T2. Here are some photos from the party.